Our Values

The McCormick Values

    1. PEOPLE

      We value all people based on their own intrinsic value, not by gender, or race or religion, or any other outward manifestation, not by intelligence or abilities, either physical or mental, but by the fact we are all human beings and therefore all being of equal value each one of us having an important and specific purpose.


      We value humbleness to never think we are better than others because of our own abilities, or position or for the gifts given to us at birth or through our life experiences or even for the things in life we have worked hard to earn and for which we now possess. We know that all we have was given to us, in part by things beyond and outside of our own control. We cannot say it was all because of our actions.


      We value doing all that we can do to help ourselves and to help others and be productive and work to the maximum that we can do with the skills, funds and abilities given to us. Making the most with what we have no matter how limited those gifts and skills and funds may be. Take what we have at any given moment and make the most of it.

    4. HONESTY

      We value honesty, so that we may form bonds of trust with all people.


      We value integrity and keeping an honorable reputation to do what we say we will do, to honor our words of commitment and our contracts and to keep our character to be one of high standards to be viewed by all as good and noble and reputable in all ways.


      We value work and effort for those who pursue growth, pursuing new endeavors to grow, taking on new challenges, even taking calculated risks to grow, working hard, risking to lose something in hope to gain something else of greater value. We recognize this and commend those who do this, because that is what growth is and what makes the world function.

    7. FREEDOM

      We value freedom. Financial Freedom, freedom from worry, anxiety, depression, freedom from debt, freedom of religion, freedom of culture, freedom of sexual orientation, freedom to express, freedom to learn, freedom to choose the health measures we desire for our bodies and for our families and to reject those we believe to be not healthy to our bodies.


      We value happiness and joy and peace.

    9. NATURE

      We value nature, the earth and the animals who exist with us all forming a part of the system in which we also live, knowing it is one cosmic arrangement with each part supporting the other. We value the beauty of the trees, the air and clouds, the wind, the mountains, streams, valleys, hills, oceans and lakes, and all forms of water, the flowers, the animals, and blades of grass. All of it is beauty created for our pleasure and enjoyment, bringing us peace and tranquility. We value preserving this natural environment in which we live.

    10. BELIEF

      We value a belief in something larger than us which governs all life. We do not endorse or push our beliefs onto anyone for we remain humble to acknowledge that which we don’t know. But we do believe in something larger than us and we have faith there is something larger than us upon which we can lean upon for help when we feel weak.


      We value working for and doing all we can to maintain good health, for both physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

    12. HARD WORK

      We value hard work. Commitment, determination and willingness of people who will work hard for the improvement of their careers, to improve the business, to improve our service to others.


      We value having tolerance to accept people different than ourselves, people who look different, act different, who have different beliefs, different strengths and weaknesses, than ourselves. We value people of different cultures, religion, and sexual orientation. We value people of different intellects, different capabilities. And we recognize diversity, and appreciate the impact all these things have to improve our own character.


      We value our history and our heritage. The heritage of the town, this place, the water, the mountain, the views, the hillside, the street cars (light rails now), the trains, the warehouse district, the ships and Ports, and all that makes this city unique. We value our ancestors who shaped this town, worked its waterfront docks, worked the rails, worked the warehouses and lived, went to school here, and raised their families here.