About Us

Who We Are

Who We Are

McCormick is a Pacific Northwest company which offers housing for rent in the Tacoma downtown market. We bring new construction, high quality properties in boutique medium size communities of 30 to 100 units, where each unit and each building offers expansive natural light, huge windows in corner suites for everyone. McCormick does also have a few vintage 100 year old properties offering affordable pricing with craftsman style buildings.

McCormick brings over 120 years of heritage to Tacoma, where the McCormick Family grew up. Tacoma’s height of expansion was in the 1920s, when our family ancestors went to school in Tacoma, rode trolley street cars and lived and worked in this downtown waterfront city. Today, we embrace our heritage, building real estate of quality to last the next 120 years, so that others may live, and work and play in this city we call our home.

The McCormick Brand

mccormick logoThe McCormick Brand encompasses our history with this city, and our connection to the waterfront, the housing on the hillside, the train rails along its shores and warehouse district which line the base of the hillside which make this town what it is today. We embrace the architecture, and the longevity of the old buildings and we complement that with what we now build. Each of our new buildings are designed by us down to every detail of finish, every surface. We chose our roofs to provide visual appeal to the skyline we flank, our overhangs complement the northwest rainy seasons, and our finishes are detailed and constructed to withstand the northwest environment, to stand the test of time, congruent with the line of our family in this area. All the interior is made to be bright with huge windows and each unit offers corner suites to take in the Puget Sound and Mount Rainier views, and to offer large expansive kitchens for enjoyment of food and community.

Our brand is built on Quality. Quality of Buildings, Quality of Management and Quality of People. Quality of buildings is apparent in the images and true character of our buildings. Quality of management is in the process of how McCormick staff interact with its residents and take care of the people who live in our buildings. Quality of people is comprised of the high standards we place on the people who work at McCormick and with the high standards required of the residents who are allowed to live in our properties.

Our goal is that all people living in our properties will value the privilege they have to be part of our community, as we also value the privilege we have to serve our residents.  We work together to uphold what we stand for, in terms of values and we trust our residents will appreciate what we stand for because it is what makes our properties unique and what make living in our properties a unique and better experience.